January 20

From Instagram: Watching Daddy go to work.

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Somewhere along the line since Jake joined out family we’ve developed various routines. This picture shows in part our routine for when Daddy leaves the house… at least during the winter months. In the summer Jake & usually go out on the porch to watch Daddy go.

  • I sit down.
  • Jake jumps up on my lap.
  • Daddy kisses me goodbye & pats Jake goodbye.
  • Daddy goes out the door.
  • Finally, Jake runs to the window to look out and watch Daddy leave.
October 28

Witnessing Pug Intelligence

I’m constantly surprised and impressed with Jake’s intelligence. At the same time I can’t help but question, “Is he really that smart or is it just coincidence making him appear to be so?”
For instance, this morning Jake & I were out on our screened-in porch, the location is a favorite of ours. When weather permits I like to take my breaks out there. Jake normally accompanies me because he likes to go out to survey the neighborhood. When we went out this morning, night shift working Daddy was downstairs with us. I invited him to join us but he declined in favor of returning to bed.
Jake & I went out for a short break during which I used the opportunity to snap a photo of him enjoying the sunshine.

🎵Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy…🎵
Upon our return inside the house, Jake did a quick check throughout. I surmised he was looking for the daddy. So I said, “He went up to bed. If you want him you’ll have to go up there.” Jake promptly walked past me and headed up the stairs. Shortly I heard him jump on the little trunk I keep by the bed to make getting on & off easier for him. By the sound of it he went to bed with Daddy. I could only surmise he understood exactly what I was saying and acted in response.