January 20

From Instagram: Watching Daddy go to work.

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Somewhere along the line since Jake joined out family we’ve developed various routines. This picture shows in part our routine for when Daddy leaves the house… at least during the winter months. In the summer Jake & usually go out on the porch to watch Daddy go.

  • I sit down.
  • Jake jumps up on my lap.
  • Daddy kisses me goodbye & pats Jake goodbye.
  • Daddy goes out the door.
  • Finally, Jake runs to the window to look out and watch Daddy leave.
December 24

Twas the night before Christmas…

  ‘Twas the night before Christmas and gifts were wrapped & tied with bows, the tree adorned with lights, ornaments & tinsel, decorations were displayed with infinite care… we decided it was time to bathe the fur-babies. After all, a clean house & clean babies would make for a sweet-smelling Christmas.
Look what’s decked out under the tree!

  Bathing Jake is no big deal for either him or us. He no longer has his puppy enthusiasm but he doesn’t mind a bath. I get the impression he tolerates all the necessities of getting clean but I think he enjoys the simultaneous attention of both Mommy & Daddy rubbing & scrubbing his little wiggly self. I don’t mind bathing him because he always cooperates and does his best to be a good boy. And who could complain about the end results. He smells so good. His fur is so soft and shiny a person can barely stop themselves from stroking him.
edited IMG_4938
Big Love ready to be wrapped.

  Big Love is another matter. And not nearly as pleasant. He hates bathing and demonstrates his displeasure in various ways. He attempts to walk (scramble) out of the tub. He gives the impression he thinks he can walk (run) on water. He stares at you with big round eyes, I suspect in an effort to make you feel sorry for him. When all previous attempts fail he lets out long pitiful yowls demonstrating just how unhappy he is. I’m left feeling like I’m abusing the poor kitty. And aren’t I just the biggest meanie? But sometimes a bath is necessary whether anyone likes, enjoys or wants it.

  It’s normal for me to talk to my babies. While bathing Big Love I talk to him in an attempt to calm him down and reassure him. It worked to an extent. You could see that

edited IMG_4931
Our two boys.
although he wasn’t happy to be in water, at least he visibly calmed while I talked to him. He didn’t seem to mind being lathered and rubbed all over. In fact he seemed to enjoy it, except for that blasted water he was sitting in. That he wanted to escape.

 The oddest thing was while Big Love was yowling, Jake became upset. I guess he didn’t understand what was going on and maybe he was afraid Big Love was being hurt. Lord knows, Big Love sounded like we might be
edited IMG_4920
Jake with his Daddy
killing him! I was standing in the tub with the cat, Daddy was kneeling outside just like when we bath Jake. Jake bulldozed his way under Daddy’s arm in that tank-like way pugs do. He was going to make sure his kitty was okay one way or another. It surprised us both that Jake was so determined to see what was going on. Anyone that has a pug, knows how nosy they are. They want to ensure at all times everything is right in their world. I guess Jake was making sure Big Love wasn’t in imminent danger. He acts he’s such a fierce protector. We don’t tell him different.