July 30

Pug Hygiene

Silly boy

Below is the schedule we try to maintain for Jake and his belongings. This is intended as a guideline only. Through trial and error we learned this is what  seems to work for us.

For the Pug

Bathing:  Every 4-6 weeks.
We bath Jake monthly depending on need and events happening around us.
Brushing: Weekly.
We usually brush his coat several times a week. It removes loose hair, which I imagine must itch him and as a bonus I believe there is slightly less hair all over the house.
Teeth Cleaning: Varies.
Jake gets his teeth cleaned after every bath, and because he loves the taste of his doggie toothpaste, I sometimes give as a reward for being good during his wrinkle cleaning.
Wrinkle Cleaning: Daily.
You might be able to skip a day but never go more than a couple of days. The wrinkle will get crusty, smelly and worst of all, sore on the poor little pug.
Ears: Weekly.
I check & clean Jake’s ears once a week plus as part of the bath routine
Eyes:  Always.
Because a pug’s eyes protrude, there always seems to be something in them. We check all the time; if we notice anything we remove. Clean as often as necessary. The area under eyes gets crusty so its my habit to wipe prior to each wrinkle cleaning.
Butt: As needed.
I always check for a messy butt after he goes to potty & wipe as needed. Jake’s anal glands checked at regular vet visits. Expressed as needed.
Nail Clipping: Every 6-8 weeks.
Jake’s nails seem to grow quickly, so we could probably get them done more often.

For the Pug’s Belongings

Food bowl: Rinse every day. Dishwasher once a week.
Water bowls: We have two. The one in the master bath gets rinsed & refilled every night. One in kitchen gets rinsed & refilled every morning. Alternating weeks the get cleaned via hand-washing or dishwasher.
Bedding & crate: Jakey seldom goes in his so it mostly gets wiped out every now and then to get rid of dust.
Clothing :Goes in the laundry just after wearing.
Hard toys:  (like nylabones) are sorted through when I notice wear. Ones with sharp edges or loose parts are discarded. Every couple of months we run them through the dishwasher.
Soft toys: (like stuffed animals) are either mended or thrown out when I notice tears. I put in the laundry every couple of months when I notice they are getting grungy.

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