December 8

A New Friend, Thanks to Jake

JakePug Chronicles has a Facebook page. On that page we share a various content we believe to be helpful or
entertaining. Our focus is mostly pug related (Hey! We’re pug lovers!) but sometimes articles, links & info include other dog breeds and pets.

Types of things we like to share:

  • Funny pet pics & stories Pet stories
  • Pet health
  • Pet safety
  • Pet food recalls
  • Video links
  • Cartoons
  • Status updates
  • Photos – mostly of Jake

Recently, a wonderful lady messaged me to thank me for sharing links to her blog on our Facebook page. In the busy world we live in, no one has ever taken the time to personally message me just to thank me for sharing their posts. Sure people might comment and share the things we post. Or post on our page in an effort to sell something.
Though praise is not my goal, it was nice to get feedback. In the vastness of the world wide web, despite all the time & labor I’ve put in building a blog, not to mention the time-consuming networking via social media, sometimes I wonder if anyone even notices much less is listening. I guess someone is.

That lady listening was Roberta Chadis. After a few conversations and a little research, I learn a little more about Roberta. It seems she is a very giving person and has many accomplishments under her belt. One of those accomplishments is her blog is Dog Health News with a strong focus on the health and safety of dogs. I follow Dog Health News on Facebook. That’s how I came to read & share many links to her articles. During our conversation I explained to Roberta I found her articles to be very informative. What I failed to mention is I think her articles are knowledgeable, professionally written and most important relevant to what I consider important in dog care.

As we messaged back & forth it became apparent Roberta is a very giving person, not just to dogs but to people as well. She took the time to go check out my blog, Pug Chronicles and gave me a much needed positive review. You see, when I began this blog I had definite goals in mind where I wanted to go with it. Running a website was new experience with lots of learning required to accomplish the simplest things.

Nearly a year later, I haven’t grown it near to the point intended. The time required for the work to enable such growth was diverted by several family emergencies & losses that were too dire to ignore. Also this year, we relocated to a new (to us) but older home. In addition to the move, many mini home improvements were required to make it livable for our needs.

Long story, short I was feeling discouraged and my confidence level had reached a point where I was questioning myself & my abilities. Who was I kidding? Did I really think I had what it takes to do this? Was I aspiring to do something impossible based on my level of knowledge, education & experience? On the positive side of my internal argument I knew I had already learned a lot. I loved telling stories about Jake. He is such a funny, quirky little bundle of love. I had already put a great deal of time, effort & work into the whole package consisting of the blog, Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter accounts, not to mention the stories in progress & topic ideas. Did I really want to throw all that away?

So along comes Roberta with her positive and encouraging attitude. She not only gives me permission to link to her work, she also invites me to co-author an article for our respective blogs. But that’s not all she gives me. Working with her gave me the much needed boost to my confidence, enthusiasm & determination. Thank you Roberta. Because of you Pug Chronicles will live on. Hopefully it will grow closer to the image I had in mind when I took that first scary leap and actually started putting Jake’s stories out there.

One thing led to another… and you can find our joint article here.

November 2

Here’s a Pug, There’s a Pug

On the weekends we like to run errands. Of course, Jake goes along. This past weekend’s errands included stopping by our local PetSmart. Despite no events being scheduled there, the parking lot was pretty full. Go local economy! Last week it was packed. 10-24-15 PetSmart PhotoThey had a Halloween Event for the pets, which involved pet pictures being taken & a little bag filled with doggie treats. The treats were a great idea as our boy is finicky and this gave us a chance to try a few different kinds. As expected, Jake turned his nose up at most of them. But there was one little sample bag of Blue Bits tasty CHICKEN treats, he really seemed to like. The treats are very handy to give as a reward so I decided we needed to purchase another bag. See? I found a treat Jake approves and the store made a sale. Great idea.
The first thing we noticed as we walked in the store? There was another black pug, standing there with her person. Obviously Jake & I had to go meet these two. Turns out the little girl was a little over 4 1/2 years old. I believe her name was Maggie. Little Maggie wasn’t particularly happy about her mom trying costumes on her. Her interest was geared toward all the new smells surrounding her. Jake was interested in meeting her (and by meeting her I mean sniffing her butt). She seemed slightly intimidated by him, although he wasn’t at all aggressive. Maggie’s person told us there was a little fawn pug in the store earlier. She commented that she seldom comes across any other pugs in this area and here today she met two. We rarely see any other pugs, so it didn’t surprise us that she didn’t either.
I spent some more time visiting with the pair, then it was time to move on, shop and find the treats we came for. All that accomplished we paid for our merchandise and left the store. Unbelievably upon leaving the store, walking across the parking lot towards us was yet another little black pug! This one a boy. It goes without saying I had to approach this pair as well. This little boy’s person said he was about 2 1/2 years old.
While standing there talking with these two, Maggie and her person came out. So we stood there in the parking lot a gathering of black pugs. Before long an elderly gentlemen stopped by and commented that he wished his pug had accompanied him today. We were beyond amazed. I said, “You have a pug too?” He said, “I have a black pug too.”
I have to tell you, I’ve lived on the Eastern Shore for over 10 years. On just a few occasions have I come across any other pugs. Only one time did I come across another black pug in the Delmarva area. I was beginning to believe pugs were an anomaly for this area.
We never did run into the fawn pug from the store. Also I’m ashamed to say that I stood there with my camera in my pocket and didn’t think to take it out & snap one photo of these three. My only excuse? The excitement of such a rare occurrence.
July 27

Mini Vacation

Last weekend we took a mini vacation. Or at least our version of a vacation. Normal people go sightseeing or do something they find restful & relaxing. They go to Disney World, museums, camping or to the beach. Not us. We make frantic drives across the state to visit our hometown. Or we play catch up on chores or do home improvement projects on our old, but well-loved house.

This time we traveled to our hometown on Saturday and returned home on Sunday. We made the 5 hour (each way) trip with our granddaughter, Sarah in tow. Of course, Jake was with us too.

Yes, that’s 10 hours in a car with a 3-year-old and a pug.

Tired human baby
Tired human baby

As you can see it was exhausting for both.

Tired pug baby
Tired pug baby










Thank God and Kia for air conditioning in the car because the East Coast was experiencing a heat wave & the humidity was horrible. Neither Jake nor I fare well in the heat.

The journey was mostly uneventful. Both Sarah & Jake were on their best behavior. Jake was excited. He’s getting a ride, of course he’s excited!

Daddy & his Mom

We arrived at my husband’s parents house. His Mom is elderly and keeping warm is a struggle for her no matter the weather. So no air conditioner in her home, just fans to stir the warm air.

Jake is accustomed to air conditioning and was panting heavily. He seemed to have a rough time settling down. It was difficult to ascertain whether his constant panting was due to excitement or the lack of cooled air. With pugs this is always a serious concern. I made sure he had plenty of water and watched him closely.

Towards evening we went to my cousin, Jenn’s home. (She visited our home not long ago. You can read the post here.) Since Jake was a puppy we’ve visited her home several times a year.

There are several reasons I love visiting with Jenn.

Reason # 1: And the most important, we have been close friends for years. Despite living 5 hours away from each other we manage to share holidays, triumphs, joys, problems, disappointments, tips, advice, encouragement… you name it! I’m her daughter’s Godmother and honorary Aunt. Each of us always welcome the other (& the other’s family members) into our homes.

Reason # 2: She, along with her family always welcome us and Jake. Not everybody wants someone bringing their dog to visit. And that’s fine. I believe a person’s home is their castle and they, the ruler of that castle. However, Jake is our baby. If our baby isn’t welcome I consider myself unwelcome as well. This is a topic I feel strongly about. I have repeatedly stated Jake goes where I go or I don’t go.

Reason # 3: They share watching & enjoying Jake. If he does something funny -He’s a pug, he’s naturally cute, funny & inspires laughter.- they get a kick out of his antics too. If he needs to go potty, any one of us will let him out & supervise. Oh, and any one of us may give him treats or belly rubs. Of course Jake is all for all the belly rubs & treats he can squeeze out of us.

Reason # 4: They live in the country. Neighbors and traffic are a good distance away. It’s the one place Jake can safely be outside without a leash. I love to see him out & about untethered. In the perfect future our yard will be fenced and Jake will have the run of it.

Keavy & Jake

Reason # 5: Jenn has a St. Bernard named Keavy. Despite the huge size difference, Jake & Keavy made friends when he was just a puppy. Actually neither of them seem to notice the one is large and the other is small. In fact it’s the opposite, we often laugh because Keavy acts like she believes she’s the little dog & Jake like he’s the big one. She frequently tries to squeeze into places much too small for her, while Jake barks and acts all ferocious. I believe they both suffer from ‘proportion confusion’.

Each visit it is our practice to reintroduce the pups anew. We want to ensure they know each other before trouble arises. Not this time. We never got the chance. Upon arrival we set Jake free before gathering our stuff from the car. I looked around and there goes Jake, nose to the ground sniffing a straight line for the house. He stopped briefly for he & Keavy to give each other a quick ‘hello’ sniff. Jenn opened the door and in he went. You’d have thought he lived there! It was apparent Jake not only remembered being here but was perfectly comfortable and not at all concerned entering without us. Keavy normally a serious watchdog when it comes to her home & family, obviously was on the same page because she made no objections and was happy with just a cursory sniff greeting. She seemed more concerned with greeting us humans.

Ahh… bliss! Jenn has air conditioning. After quickly greeting everybody Jake found a spot to lay down. Obviously happy in the cool air he finally relaxed for what I believe was the first time all day. In truth the air condition felt wonderful to me too.

July 14

My brother, Gorgeous-Cat

Big Love
Gorgeous aka Big Love

I can’t believe I’m just now telling you about my brother! What can I tell you about Gorgeous-cat? Well he’s gorgeous… at least Mommy says so. He’s the biggest kitty we have, but still not as big as me. He weights in around 12 lbs. He’s a longhaired yellow tabby Persian about 10 years old. Mommy named him Gorgeous because when he was a kitten she couldn’t walk by without touching him and telling him how gorgeous he was.
When I came to live with Mommy, Daddy and the other kitties, Gorgeous was the first to accept me and tolerate my puppy shenanigans. Guess what I love to do to the old Big Love! I love to lick his ears!

Occasionally Big Love enjoys a pug administered bath

He’s my best buddy, next to Daddy of course. We play often. At least until I get too rough, then Gorgeous gets mad at me. He tries to run away but I keep after him! I catch him & hold him down.

Then it’s Mommy’s turn to get mad. I guess she gets upset with me because she’s afraid I’ll hurt him. I get so involved with our game of one-upmanship. I can’t help it, when I get excited I get in ‘the zone.’ It never fails, the more excited I get, the less gentle I become. I don’t do it on purpose. I would never mean to hurt Big Love… I just forget to be gentle.
IMG_2371.JPGGorgeous, bless his furry little heart, never stays mad and always forgives me. Mommy calls him Big Love because she says he’s always been very loving & gentle with others. Sometimes when Mommy pets us both she calls us her ‘handsome boys.’ We like to compete for Mommy attention and lap privileges, frequently sitting on each other to via for a spot.
Mommy buys us kitty toys and puppy toys. She tried to get me to let the kitty toys alone, but in this case my persistence was greater than hers. In the past I took all of them so now she makes sure the kitty toys will be safe for dogs too. Now that I’m older, I share a little bit better so when the kitties want to play with toys I allow it. Of course when it comes to sharing food the struggle is much greater.

The Boys in Mommy's bed
The Boys in Mommy’s bed
June 30

Our Birthday Boy is 3 Years Old

Technically we are unsure of Jake’s real birthdate so we celebrate the day he came to live with us. That was June 30th, 2012
Three years. It’s hard to believe but it’s been three years since Jake bounced into our world forever changing it and us. We’ve always had cats, but dogs never seemed to work out for us. Then came Jakey. He was this tiny black, roly-poly bouncing ball of energy full of feistiness & sass. I will never forget the first time we saw him…

You see, my son, Bryan had known I had wanted to get a pug (for years). But not just any pug, I really wanted to get a black one. I had researched various breeds over the years many times and the one that appealed to me most and seemed the most likely to fit our personalities was a pug. So when he discovered his neighbor not only had a pug but a black one he called to ask if we were interested. I said, “Send me a picture.”

1st pic of Baby Jakey
1st pic of Baby Jakey
He did and I showed it to my husband. I explained to my husband I had done research on pugs and I thought a pug had characteristics that would work with our lifestyle. I convinced him to give it a try. He agreed but informed me that this was my last chance for a dog. If this one didn’t work there would be no more dogs for us. Arrangements were made for us to go meet the puppy & decide if he was going to be part of our family. So off to the pet store we went to pick up basic supplies. With butterflies in my stomach, we continued the five hour journey to my son’s home to check out the puppy.

We arrive at Bryan’s home, spend a little time visiting and catching up with him and our granddaughter, Kaytie. Then my son goes to his neighbors to get the puppy. We sat on my son’s couch, he came in the door and placed the puppy on the floor. The little tiny black bundle of energy looked up at us, I know we were both smiling from ear to ear. How could we not smile? He was so tiny and so cute. He came bounding across the floor directly to us in that joyful, carefree manner that only puppies have. I looked at my husband’s face and I knew in an instant not only was he going home with us but there was no turning back. My big bear of a husband has an affinity for any tiny and cute creature be it human or animal. I know he fell instantly in love. I did too. And Jake? Jake was ready to begin his adventure with us.

Riding to new home

Poor baby is all tuckered out.