January 20

From Instagram: Watching Daddy go to work.

on Instagram: http://ift.tt/1QeNp5E

Somewhere along the line since Jake joined out family we’ve developed various routines. This picture shows in part our routine for when Daddy leaves the house… at least during the winter months. In the summer Jake & usually go out on the porch to watch Daddy go.

  • I sit down.
  • Jake jumps up on my lap.
  • Daddy kisses me goodbye & pats Jake goodbye.
  • Daddy goes out the door.
  • Finally, Jake runs to the window to look out and watch Daddy leave.
January 12

From Instagram: Jake proudly wears his new homemade (by a friend) sweater.

on Instagram: http://ift.tt/1mViou1
My human son came by the house and brought this sweater. His girlfriend’s mother loves to crochet. She made Jake this sweater. She’d only met Jake once but the fit is perfect. Of course, I immediately put it on him and Jake being the cooperative little guy he is posed for a picture.

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